Show items in Data Viewer List based on user input (Buttons etc)

Hi all,

I have an app that has a data viewer list that is connected to an airtable. This list has for example courses by venue, course content, price, location, etc. I would like to put some user input for example a slider for price, or a slider for distance from my location and then only show the items in the data viewer list that are applicable to the input provided. The type of input i expect as mentioned is a slider for distance from my location, days the courses are on (So multi-selection), price slider.

thanks in advance.

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See this demo

It will help you to show the required results based on a section.

Hi this only seems to work on the first field table
If I change the filter to use another field from the airtable it does not return anything. The example i am trying is for restaurants

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When you change the filter you need to make sure you are comparing it to the correct column in the DVL (Date Viewer List) so that it gives the expected results.

The code now compares the selected item from the drop down list to the Title column in the DVL. Does the Title column contains the Deal Category?


No the item is not in the title column. How do i amend so that i can compare to other columns?

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Change the column in the IF CONDITION to the one that contains the correct info.

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