Get data viewer list to respect the two filters combined

I have two filters and i am trying to get the data viewer contents to respect the two filters. For example when you select a cost and then what day it should combine both and only show deals within the cost range and the particular day. Unfortunately it does not do this and only respects the last filter used. Any ideas?

You’re running a loop through the Data Viewer’s row with a conditional (If) and toggling the row to visible or hidden based on that condition. So yes, only the last loop is going to “stick.”

I think that if you are going to have a setup where the user can tap an item from each list viewer and the DVL updates to match and the user can repeat that process as many times as they want, then you need to update the data source not just show/hide its rows. And I would recommend that you make the user click a submit button or filter button or something that signifies they have decided on list viewer items. Because without that, it’s quite difficult to do this “live” where they can just keep clicking on different items as long as they want. With a submit button, you can run a set of code and then reset things as needed.

But all that being said, what you’re trying to do is difficult and I can’t give you all the blocks or steps to do it here. Other people might have more advice or you could always pay someone to consult with you and help you build this app.

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