Displaying items on a Data viewer list after filtering using two list viewers

Hi all

I have two list viewers with a subset of values from a data viewer list. I want to be able to filter both the list viewers and only show items that are a result of both filter items. For example i want the user to filter on restaurants open on a certain day (e.g. Monday) and then a certain price band 0-100 USD. And then i want the data viewer to only show items based on those two criteria.

I have got it working so that you select one item from a list viewer and it will filter but then when you select an value from the other list viewer it shows the results but does not respect the criteria selection from the first list viewer.

Thanks for you support.

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Check my sample app and click on Use Multi Selection Screen you will see something similar to what you are trying to achieve.

Thanks for the sample. I cant really work out how to apply it to my scenario, as i want the following:

Select Price band from a list: 0-99, 100-199 etc,
Then Select Day from second list: Monday, Tuesday, … etc
Then show only items that meet the criteria of: 0-99 and Monday for example

In the example you are selecting an item from a data viewer list i believe. I would like to select an item from a list viewer and show the records that meet that criteria in the data viewer and then select an item for the second list viewer and show the items in the data viewer but respecting the first selection as well as the second selection.

Thanks in advance for your support all.

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The sample project has the basis for the idea whether it is a List Viewer or a Data Viewer List.

try this project - i use 2 list selectors to filter a DVL


Note: not all combinations are present (eg. there is no CA in month 1) . pressing allmonths or allstates means exactly what the name says - it will select all_months or all_states. the combination of the 2 selections for month and state forms the filter for the DVL. - it is painfully slow - that’s about 80+ items in the local storage table.

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