[Solved] Filtering results for Data Viewer List


I am trying to return a list of items created by the user in the data viewer list.

I can do this in the list viewer by filtering based on the user_id however I wasnt able to work out how can I do the same using the data viewer list.

Anyone has any experience with this?

Many thanks in advance!

If you want to filter data using a Data Viewer List (DVL), you will need to change the data itself within the data source.

The only way to have a full data set and display a portion of it in a DVL is to have two sheets/tables and have one filtered with certain data using views/formulas in the data source itself. The full data gets updated by you/users and the fitered data is synced to the DVL. (Thanks to @muneer for this suggestion.)


Remember that filtering is a function of the data source itself so it will work with Google sheet and Airtable but will not work with local tables.


If you want to filter a DVL connected to a local table, you can use this trick that I’m implementing in this project. (not suitable for large data).
Of course this trick will work for Google sheet and Airtable too.


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Thanks @muneer !

I am experimenting with something else I have seen and learnt from one of your other projects.

Basically I am using a Temp Local Table and implemented the following workflow:

  1. Clear all rows in Temp Local Table when screen opens
  2. Create a list from my Google Sheet using the filter criteria when screen opens
  3. Populate the Temp Local Table with the list of values when screen opens
  4. Data Viewer calls Temp Local Table

For some reason works on the companion app but crashes on the web viewer.

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If you share your blocks here or provide a link to your project then I can look into your blocks and maybe I can see the code making it crashes.

Thanks @muneer .
I dont thinks it is the blocks…looks like the screen is corrupted?
When I duplicate it, it is displayed correctly but the original screen is just showing as blank…

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ahhhh…the duplicate screen doesnt have the blocks :sob: :sob: :sob:

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In DnD UI when you duplicate the screen the notice message says that blocks will not be copied.

However, you can go to the blocks in the original screen and use the copy/paste of your computer. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy over the blocks each group at a time. So you can copy the button click in the original screen by Ctrl-C then go to the new screen and click Ctrl-V.

Have fun with it.


Thank you. It worked like a treat!

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Thank you sir,
But I have difficulty figuring out where you picked these block I marked in the attached below.

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See this

Please note that in DnD, there is currently a BUG preventing this option from being used.

Oh! my fault, I am working with DnD.
Thank you sir

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Ok once i’m loged in my friend mobile that time how we get the local data