How can you filter the data sources that are displayed using Data Viewer List or Data Viewer Gird?

Can somebody provide a solution to filter (or search) inside the items from Data Viwer List or Data Viewer Grid?

I have tried to use this example Making a Search Bar but as it is for basic List Viewer, I did not find a solution for the Text items as it is there.

Maybe will be easier to apply on the official version from Thunkable team:

Thank you!

Data Viewer is a component for displaying data. For this reason, it can’t perform operations with data. Operations with data can be performed by the Data Source component or the data editing environment (for example, AirTable or Google Sheet) using formulas or something else. Now you understand what components you need to use to solve your problem?


refering to another platform for filtering data is kind a boring situation. this makes job complicated.

Use Data Source

Thank you @actech.
I understand that they are only displaying data.

Also, I was thinking that it is clear that my question it is How can you filter the data sources that are displayed using Data Viewer List or Data Viewer Gird?(I will also change the title of the post)

So, can you or other member, please, provide a basic functional example of a Data Viewer List that it is using data from Airtable that may be filtered?

Thank you.

this is what i want do too. read this: Problems tracking *row id* in Sorted Sheet when using DataViewer

as you see, if we use another sheet using some formula, we can make filtering (or even maybe searching too) sheet as data viewer. but as i understand, becuz of row id, it didnt work well.
so im waiting for a solution too.

Thank you @saramdl.gaunde021!

So, you connect to AirTable. After that, you can get all the data from AirTable using getallRows. Next, you can filter the data and insert it into another DataSource that is attached to the Data Viewer Grid.

No, this method causes sadness. Unfortunately, Data Viewer and Data Source are very raw components.

Thank you @actech.
I am trying to understand the irony from your message…

So, translate it this mean that there is no easy solution and should be drop it?
And to use Data Viewer and Data Grid for the moment only as they are, just to present some data and nothing more than that?

Data Viewer and Data Grid are complex components that will take time for developers to debug. If using a component results in a white screen in the browser, then I believe that it is too early to use such a component.

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Thank you for your replay @actech.
My feeling was that this forum it is for support …

Did this get anywhere… ability to filter the data shown in Data Viewer List would be ideal.

I can create a search/filter of a list of data (imported from airtable)… but…
a) I can’t format the list so the data isn’t legible and
b) I can’t interact with the list (in the same way you can with Data Viewer List) so it is a useless search :’-(

No. I did not succeed with that.