How to take filtered data to a Data viewer list from a spreadsheet?

I want to load data to Data viewer list from a spreadsheet as a data source, but I need to filter that database on a text contain in a cell, how can I do that.


I have a table in google sheets named “Liquor”, table fields are “Name”, “ID”, “Occasions”.

Example data for Field “Occasions” are “parties, wedding, prom”

So what I need to do is get data of liquor which contains “parties” in the occasion field and display the on a Data viewer list

Any way to do this, couldn’t find blocks to create the logic

I think you can create new data viewer every different columns

this was what i really want. (you can search my questions) but, belive me basically it is not possible.

One way to do it is creating filtered google sheets (let say 8). there is only One datasource and 9 dataviewers (original one and each every one of them) And save row id to each data. if someone add new data then it will added to original one and One filtered sheet.
But there are some issue here. maybe it is not to easy to SORT. becuz maybe you have to give up delete function cuz row id acts weird and it ruins. (sorry for not the best explanation)

Otherwise, if you use script in google sheet or zapier to airtable then it might work.
Or you can use list viewer using Clone, but they appear so slow.

in conclusion, nevertheless of all my effort, i GAVE UP. and im doing in another way. (not using data viewer)

wish it helps. good luck to you.

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Unfortunately, the Data Source blocks don’t work, so I can’t show an example, but when the blocks work, it can be done like this:

  1. Connect Google Sheet to Data Source
  2. Load data from the Data Source in the List
  3. Make a loop over the List and filter out the desired records
  4. Show filtered entries in List Viewer

An example of working with Local DB is given below. When the blocks work for Google Sheet, you can quickly change this example and get filtering.

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Thank you, I’ve tried many ways and gave up many options in my app aleready :smiley:


This can be done with list viewer, but not possible with data grids and data lists :frowning:


You are mistaken. The Data Grid and Data List components can display filtered records, but this happens crookedly because of the DataSource’s performance curve.

scrGoogleSheetFilteredRecords in

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is the name of screen is “scrGoogleSheetFilteredRecords”? becuz i cannot find now.
how did you filter?

see scrLocalDBFilteredRecords

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