Filtering Data from a Spreadsheet

You can filter spreadsheet data in Thunkable, just not with a SQL “Select * from Table where column=‘abc’.”

This tutorial shows how.

Process: set up a second spreadsheet. Place the data from the first spreadsheet into list variables. Loop through the lists, use an ‘if’ to filter, and add the data as a row in second sheet if it fits criteria. Map your DataViewerList/Grid to the second sheet with the filtered data. You can also use this scheme to display data in reverse order.

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Have you tried this?

Hi and thanks for the sample, @muneer.

It looks like with Thunkable, currently, you can filter in the following ways:

  1. Google sheets formulas (Muneer’s example)
  2. Using Thunk code (loop, if) to copy some rows from original sheet to “filtered sheet” (my example)

Of course it would be great if Thunkable adds the capability to specify “Where” clause to fill DataViewerList/Grid


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