Filter on ListView

Hey, I want to make an app that shows you some interesting places.
My idea is that the user will click on things that he wants, like: toilets, place to sit etc.
and these choices will filter some places from my database, I am not quite sure how to filter it though.

How are you storing your data? It doesn’t matter a ton but it will help me answer you. The general idea is to create a new list each time from the filtering conditions and then display that in the list viewer.

I am storing it in Google Spredsheets.

So I think you can either filter directly in Google Sheets or you can pull the data into Thunkable (as you’re already doing) and create a new list with the filtered data within Thunkable. It’s probably easier to use Google Sheets formulas to filter the data.

Or if all you want to do is get the data from a single row or column based on a value (e.g. “Snacks”) that shouldn’t be too hard to do in Thunkable.

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