How to Filter Data Viewer List

Hi Community members,
I am new to Thunkable and I hope I am using the right wordings and hope I can explain what I would like to do.
I followed the tutorial in the Thunkable Academy, on how to make a team members directory.
But I had given it my own twist to it. Instead of using team members, I used the plastic scale models that I am building.
I am using a Google Sheet for my data and in there I have one column that contains the status of a model.
I have 4 different statuses. - Inventory, Being Build, Finished, and Wishlist.
For each status, I am thinking of using one tab in the bottom or top navigation bar.
When you press on a tab, in the data viewer list, I would like to only see the models that have that certain status.
I was looking for something like filters or lists, but I am not sure.
I had looked in the documentation and this doesn’t make it any clearer to me.
Because I am just starting, everything still looks like magic or confusing. :slight_smile:
I hope someone can try to explain it to me in a simple way and maybe with some samples or videos/tutorials.
Right now, I have two screens, but this will change once I know how to make four different navigation tabs.
But right now, when I tap on a model in the list, I will go to some kind of details screen, where I will show more details of a model. At the bottom, I have a back bottom that brings me back to my home screen.
I think this back bottom also needs some modification, but that is something for later, or now if it is easy to do.
I hope my question is clear and that someone can help/guide me.
Many thanks in advance for your help, time, and effort.

If I understand correctly you just want to display a list of models within each category and then when a user clicks on the model it displays the info about that model, correct?

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Do you want pictures displayed or just the names and then when a user clicks on the name it shows the picture and other info?

The part about showing the details, I have that working.
This will include a picture.
But (maybe later) I want to expand this by showing two pictures and more text.
I think I need to use something like a group (container)?
The part that I am stuck with at the moment is, how to show a list of models within each category.
Right now, I have a list of all models, including a picture, with the model name, brand, and scale. Then when you tap on that, it will show more details.

This is what I have so far;

The Ferrari is still in inventory.
The Corvette is already built.

Today I had some more time and started searching to see if I could find something about Filtering.
I found a Youtube channel, Drag and Drop Code with David Wolber. He has 4 videos on how to do this.
What I understand is, that you need to transfer your data to a different sheet that is filtered when you transfer it to a different sheet.
In my case, this means that I need to have 4 different sheets.
In his videos, he is only transferring some selected data, but I want to have all the data because of my details screen.
This will be a lot of work, but I am still watching the videos and will see how they will end.
I also just hope that this is not slowing down the app.
This process is done when you start the app.
I thought that maybe there was some kind of filter or sort block that you could use, but it looks like there isn’t.

While I am writing this and watching the videos, I suddenly thought of a different way to do it.
I will copy the blocks from the first screen into the 4 different screens and just use 1 sheet for every filtered view. And in every block, just change the condition of the filter.
This way I only have 1 extra sheet.
As I mentioned, I just hope that this will not slow down the app.
We will see.

You can reduce screens by using hidden row/columns as “screens”. Reduces the size of the app and can help avoid duplicating blocks. How are you getting the model pictures onto the app? Are the being called from an outside site or are you uploading that into the app from the start?

I am not sure what you mean by hidden columns.

Here is a link to the playlist of the videos about filtering.

Maybe there is another way to do it, but this way is clear to me.
In the video, he is using a switch to activate the filter.
I am thinking of using 4 different buttons to display the filters.
This way I have one screen and one sheet. (I hope :slight_smile: )

About the pictures.
I already had created this app idea with Glide. To get the picture in the app, I used an image picker. This created a link in the Google Sheet.
What I can see, is that this image is stored somewhere in the cloud.
I just made a copy of the Google Sheet, removed all the not used columns, and I am now using it for my Thunkable app.
For Thunkable this would be different, I think.
Right now I did not do anything yet for adding or modifying any data in the sheet.
I will look into this later.
From what I have seen so far, I think I need to use also some kind of image picker and Cloudinary to store my images in the cloud.

I tried the sample from the 2nd video and used my model list.
In the second video, he is starting the app and you can see that the new Google sheet with items is filled.
I started mine, but nothing happened.
My file stays empty.
I checked it several times, but I don’t see anything wrong with mine.
Now comes the hard part, trying to figure out WHY it is not working.
For now, I give up. Maybe give it another go tomorrow.

Can you get ANY data from your master sheet in your app? I would start there. If you get data from the master sheet you might not even need to make another sheet, just call the data you want from the master and parse through it and put it in a list within the app. Im not sure the need for a second sheet honestly.

In my data viewer grid I can see all my data from my master sheet.
I am not sure how the list block works but I need to look into that.
What I understand is that all collected data is placed in a list.
(According to what I can see from the sample blocks)
But what I am not sure of is, if the data is really collected and stored in a list.
I did not do any debugging with Thunkable and I am not sure how to do it.
I first will try to see if I can find any data in my list :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry for my many replies, but I am going crazy.
I had placed a simple list component on my screen, but that stays empty.
I am just a beginner and everything is new to me. So I am sure that I am doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what.
For some reason, I checked my new file, the file where the data is stored in that is copied from the master data sheet.
To my surprise, there was data in it.
So, for some strange reason, it suddenly is working.
Until I paid more attention to it, and saw that all data was double.
Just to make sure, I removed all the data and started the web preview again.
Went to the sheet and the data was there, and all doubled again.
No idea what is going on here.
The other strange thing, for all the models I had placed in what scale they are.
This can be 1:24, 1:10, 1:16 etc.
Some were shown as decimal numbers, and others were showing the scale that is in the data. Things are happening randomly.
I am now at the point of throwing in the towel.
This is a pity because I think Thunkable has potential.

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