List the number of items in a filtered Data Viewer List

I have two list viewer components that a user uses to filter a Data viewer list. How do i count the number of filtered items? I have seen something about FROM LabelXYZ but i am unable to find the FROM when selecting the label. I use SET Label Etc but it does not work?

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You already have the logic to filter the data by looping through all possible values with a conditional (If). So just add a count to the loop. Create a variable called numItems. If the data viewer’s layout should be visible then change variable numItems by 1.

Sorry still no clue - can you show an example please?

Sure, give me a link to your project and I can provide a screenshot with the added blocks.

thanks it is Thunkable

Here’s the modified project: Thunkable

And a screenshot of some of the relevant blocks:


thanks this works great, appreciate your support :grinning:

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