Is there any way to incorporate a 'search option' in the data viewer list?

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I want to incorporate a search field to the data viewer list, so I can let my users search the image-text list. Is there any way I can do this? I have attached a sample representation of the design I am thinking to interpret :

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why not make custom data list viewer with Dynamic Components

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Check out this technique. JSON Bound Data List Viewer - No More Cloning! - #8 by drted



To filter a data list viewer, I would recommend the following steps

  1. Create a local DB
  2. Create a list variable
  3. Create a UI component with the search terms
  4. Filter your source data using the search term (how you do this will depend on your data source)
  5. Add the filtered data to the list variable created above
  6. Clear the Local DB created above
  7. Loop through the list variable , populating the local db

Thunkable has no native data source filtering blocks. Although this is hard to believe, it is true. You can search the discussion group for strategies of how to filter various data sources (JSON, Firebase, AirTable, Google Sheets).

I would suggest you start with these steps ( even skipping #4 initially), then post specific questions to the group. We can then help you troubleshoot your strategy.

Happy Thunking !