[Solved] Search for data viewer list

i need to add a search for the dataviewers to my app is this possible

Hi @samdev.

This is not quite possible as of now. The Thunkable team are working hard on bringing some awesome new updates to the Data Viewer, which should allow for custom searching in a data list.

Meanwhile, if you want to search the Data Viewer and display the results in a regular list, you can take a look at Jane’s fantastic guide on searching a list and displaying results here:

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No as of now making some sort of a search bar and to show the results using the new Data Viewer component isn’t possible. This requires a delete row function, which the Thunkable Team are already working hard on. Once this component is released there will definitely be tutorials and guides on how to achieve a search bar with the new Data Viewer Component.

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actually i just thought of something:

  1. Add 2 dataviewer grids

  2. only show the second one after search(second one has data set to data table)

Yes this is how it would work when searching. But when you go to search a second time you need to be able to delete the row, otherwise the last search will show in your new search. Also I believe you may need to be able to list all the row ids, unless there is a workaround for that.

But don’t worry about it too much. There will be new features added to allow this as you are definitely not the only one who wishes for this to be possible.