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Hi Just wanted to ask for help regarding on how to create text search using data list, I am using google sheet as my data base and I connected it on my data list to display text, I wanted to use the text field to search item on the data list when i input a word on it.

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See this

Hi I wanted it that so If i type something on my text field it will be searched on the data viewer list

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Is it possible to include the image when using the search in data viewer list? As for example here, I want to search for the word red and when i search it it will return the data red and hide the other. And btw, I am using googlesheets as my DB on this. As it has a lot of things to list, so I cannot go on and type it 1 by 1.


You can use two data viewer lists (DVLs) and two data sources. The first DVL would hold all of your data as in your screenshot. The second DVL would be hidden and the second data source would be blank. When a user taps on an item in the first DVL, you delete all rows in the second data source (in case it has any data from before) and add that item to the second data source. Then you show the second DVL and hide the first DVL. If you are switching screens then when the main screen opens, show the first DVL and hide the second DVL.

I was wondering if that will work on a collapsing search thingy IE. when you’re doing search and you search red it will only display red and do not display others. I was thinking while searching the search bar will only this display the stuff i search and hide the others. And regarding about what you suggested, I cant think of how I can do that, As I am new to thunking.

Yes, it works in a similar way. But if you want live search results you delete all rows and then create rows for any values that match the search terms each time the text input changes.

You can achieve the same effect with a single DVL by showing rows that match and hiding row that do not. But it’s a little complicated and doesn’t always work for some reason.

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