Add a search bar to your app


Project link:
Project Link

A search bar is a nice to have feature for many apps. At first, they can be tough to figure out. This should get you started.

Be aware, by incorporating further (not discussed here) technologies, you can have even faster/more advanced searches. (e.g. Xano / Algolia / Elastisearch)

Goes well with:
Any kind of app in which a user must search through a list of other things greater than 10-20 items.

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I think these kinds of posts could really benefit from some additional context. It would be great to see a consistent format with these posts. Something along the lines of:

Project link:
Requires: (e.g. Google account, API authentication, mobile device for testing)
Goes well with: (e.g. great for reservation apps, useful for filtering Firebase, quick graphic design for Data Viewer Lists)

These should really be the gold standard for demos! And they look like an afterthought right now.


I appreciate the input here. I moved these out of tutorials for the reasons mentioned in Our DMs.

I agree though context will be helpful. I’ll add some to previous posts and more to future posts!

Thank you!!