Search function with data viewer using google sheets nor list viewer is working

Hi! My app uses a lot of MB so it is almost at the max 50MB, and I wanted to cut down the code. I used a list viewer and then coded each item into the list viewer, however, I felt that took up a lot of the space since it was a lot of code. I decided to delete it and use a date viewer list with google sheets to put all my items in, however, for the past couple of days, I am having a hard time creating a search function with it, which I was able to do with list viewer. There was a post that spoke about this, however, when I followed the code exactly, nothing happened. What can I do to be able to search items that are in a data list viewer?

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I created this sample project which you might find useful

I.replicated the code for my app and it didn’t work when I did it

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Can you show your code or provide a link to your project to check?

I erased it and tried another way (which didn’t work either), but when I tried the one that you showed I didn’t want to have the labels for matched, etc. So when I tried to change that out, it also didn’t work. I can send you show you the code that I have right now, that still doesn’t work for some reason

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You have the opens event for screen “2” twice, better combine them into one. This has no effect on your problem but a good practice to do.

See my comments on your code

You are having your list of entirelist as list inside list which will result in the search function to fail. You need to remove the “list” with a gear which I circled in function “update entire list”

In your function “updatetemplist”, you are adding the variable to itself in the [in list…]. The first variable in the “in list” block should be a list and in this case “templist”.

I fixed it and it still doesn’t work. I will share the link:

Wait I just figured out the issue

I changed it to search strings text and it was fixed

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