[Solved] How can I Create a search bar for my google sheets data?

Hey! :slight_smile:
So I am a beginner in creating apps with this being my first one.
I am making an app to help with stock take.
I have been stuck for a while now on trying to create a search bar alongside google sheets.
I am using a data viewer list.
I am looking for the search bar to preform a search of 2 lists on 1 spreadsheet on google sheets.
For example, I would type in a word ‘cladding’ or type in the 6 digit code and it would filter through the thousands of different ones and show me the ones that either had the word ‘cladding’ in if that is what I had searched for. Or the 6 digit code if I had typed that in.

I hope one of you can help :slight_smile:
Luke :slight_smile:

There have been topics on the forums about this recently. Generally speaking, you can either do the search in Google Sheets using formulas and get the result cell(s) in Thunkable or you can do all of the searching in Thunkable.

You can Google google sheets search Thunkable or search the forums for google sheets search to get started.

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Hi tatiang, I have looked through each of the topics that are already on here and none of the options have worked. Is there any way you would be able to help me step by step. I would be really grateful.
Thanks, Luke :slight_smile:

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See this demo Thunkable

Hi Muneer I tried this and it deleted all of the data in the google sheet, luckily I had it all backed up.

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This means you tried it before understanding the demo.

First recreate something similar to the demo and when you take the grasp of the idea, implement it on your Google sheet.

I’ve really been trying to grasp the idea of it all but I seem to have hit a brick wall. I’ve looked through all the other topics and nothing seems to work, I’m hoping someone will be able to walk me through it step by step. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to speak for @muneer but if you’re needing step-by-step help, you might consider hiring someone to tutor you in Thunkable.

Aside from that, you can show what you’ve tried and explain the specific steps you’re working on and ask a pointed question and someone can try to help you further.

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I try this helpful demo Thankable
but I fail to get data from 2 column

demo 2 column Thunkable

please help me

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I updated my demo to search for both names and numbers.

See this

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Thank you so much :heart_eyes:

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One more here

Making a Search Bar

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