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as the title states, I wish to create a Search bar which will return the values from a GSheet(2) tab but also wish to be able to input data to a separate tab(1) on the GSheet in order to add it’s data to Tab(2).

I have tried copying Muneer’s suggestions and apps but unfortunately, they just list my whole spreadsheet without filtering the search criteria (ie inputted text into my Input box).

I am very new to Thunkable and have tried to start my first project which is to be multi-screened app for aviation enthusiasts. I intend to eventually make this into an app for my private aviation group.

What I am looking to create is an app which not only will supply reference data from my pre-created Google spreadsheets but on certain screens will allow members to input data also. On other screens there will be embedded info like maps, chat or photos.

The page I am currently trying set up is a data page called “MAN First Visits”. I currently have a Google Sheet tab (“FV”) containing close to 2,000 records and rising. Each record has 7 columns. Data in this sheet is entered via another tab called “FVENTRYFORM”. This allows data records to be entered by members which is then converted into an alphabetised, uppercase format which is displayed in the FV tab.

  1. I wish to display and return the FV tab within Thunkable on my “MAN First Visits” screen using a text input box for data searching. This will then return the full 7 columns for each record returned.

The Data Viewer List (DVL) doesn’t seem to allow me to display my desired 7 columns and none of the tutorial videos seem to show me how to do this or create the filtered search. Could some kind soul explain to me in layman’s terms how this could be achieved?

  1. With reference to input part of my problem, I would like to be able to create an input screen which allow myself and members to be able to enter/create; amend/update; and delete records from the “FVENTRYFORM” tab.

I must also mention that all the columns have headers and sub-headers:

          "REG";  "C/N";  "TYPE";  "DATE";  "CALLSIGN";  "FRAME/REG";  &  "REMARKS" respectively.


The “FVENTRYFORM” TAB mirrors the “FV” tab exactly and all records start on row3 in both tabs because of a required format for my website

This is the link to my app. I hope I’ve done this correctly:

If you have any questions regarding details I may have not supplied, please let me know.


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Try these to start. The demo is from a local table but you can easily replace the local table with Google sheet.

Ok thanks Muneer. I shall let you know how I get on…

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Hi Muneer, I have tried the first link (Search DVL DnD UI copy) but as I have found, I cannot link my Data Source to it. So I have copied your Blocks page substituting your values for mine, but the end product does not work. Although my data list is visible in the DVL box the search box will accept data input but will not search either by filtering or returning any record at all.

Another thing I have noticed is that when I select my data source, I select the “Column Header” as row1 and the Data Row to start from row3. When I do this, nothing happens. It seems to fail to “Create” in Thunkable. (The second row contains info for my website to perform search filters).

Thunkable seems to only accept the Data Source (Google Sheet) if I select the Data Row as row2.

I am obviously doing something wrong. Any ideas regarding these two issues?

Here is my project link:

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I edited the topic title. It’s best to use titles that briefly summarize the issue in a few words.

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Thanks Tatiang!


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