How do I use separate text input filters to combine the same information from different Google Sheets

Hi, I hope I can explain what I am looking for in a clear manner.

I have a Source Data Google Sheet called “ICAO Type”. On this GSheet there are 5 tabs of which only 4 are relevant to this project. The first tab is called “Search” . This tab contains all the reference data to be associated with this project. The other 3 tabs are to be associated to 3 different Text input boxes within the app. See image below:


Each of these three tabs has a similar layout and uses a filter in cell “A3” for which the input is based on the Criterion entered into cell “H3”. This results in the filtered results shown below:

For each tab the filter is setup as follows:

On the “MANUCONTENT” tab “H3” returns the values found in Col A (Manufacturer);

On the “MODELCONTENT” tab “H3” returns the values found in Col B (Model);

and on the “CODECONTENT” tab “H3” returns the values found in Col C (Code).

I wish for the user to be able to search by "Manufacturer, “Model” or “Aircraft Code

In this example, we’ll use the MODELCONTENT tab.

What I am after is when the user enters a search criterion into the "ModelText_input box in the app. the app will search the MODELCONTENT!Model column and return any data matching the input search as a list to the DVL (InputTypeDVL). From which the user can then click on a found item to display its details.

If there are any previously found results already showing from another Text input box’s search, they will be removed to display the current found results. Or they can be removed using the “Clear” button (ModelClrBtn).

The GSheet side of things works flawlessly.

I want to do it this way because the “Search” tab on the GSheet will eventually be home to over 10,000 records so filtering would be the best option.

My problems lie with the blocks side of things. I have got in a complete muddle as to how to approach this.

See my blocks below:

Here is the link to my project: Thunkable

I even tried to apply @muneer’s solution to something sort of similar (Link: Search more than one column in a Google Sheet - #12 by muneer ) but that got me more confused.

Can any kind soul bail me out of this quandary?

Kindest regards,


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