Help Required Searching Google sheet for contacts app

I have finished designing the App, the screen has three textboxes, name, cadre, districts, and a button named search.
Googlesheet is connected to the project which has Names in column A, Cadre in Column B, District in Column C and Phone numbers in Column D and E.
things I want the App to do
upon pressing the search button the app shall search the google sheet in this manner, that Names shall only be search in column A, Cadre in Column B and District in Column C and if anything matching is found in any column the app shall display Name, Cadre, District and Phone number (which are in column D and E)
upon entering only the Cadre and pressing search the App shall display all the people of same cadre
upon entering the district and pressing search the app shall display all the names in the relevant district and so on so forth

how can I do so? please tell me, I’m trying for more than 2 weeks and getting more confused with each youtube video. if anyone can share an app like this, it’ll be much appreciated.

thanks in advance

So you’re wanting to filter the Google Sheet data so that the search result matches the name, cadre, AND district?

It’s hard to do this! You could do one search and input the resulting data into the next search and input that resulting data into the final search.

But what I recommend is much easier, I think. Transfer your data to Airtable and use Airtable’s filterByFormula from it’s API.

my basic need is to update contacts data from my side, so that user dont have to install the app again and again with fresh data, if it can happen with airtable, please guide me through, I am totally rookie.

You didn’t really answer my question but I gave you information about getting started with Airtable so you can check that out and watch various tutorial videos about Thunkable to learn more.

If you get stuck, post a screenshot of your blocks or a link to your project and someone here may be able to help you. It’s best to ask a question about a specific step in the process that you’re having trouble with.

I had started this project on Kodular and was stuck on the main operating screen, then moved to Thunkable as it is hard to attach Gsheet in kodular, I have designed Login, Sign up and forget password screen but the main screen’s (the filter search screen) blocks are empty

I just want that If the user types in any fields i.e. name cadre or district, and if the entered text exists in the sheet, the app shall return with the results that is phone numbers, if all the three fields are filled the data shall be filtered accordingly.
it can be google sheet or airtable, actually I am saving contacts of the employees of my organization so that anyone can find any contact they need in whole province. to achieve this if there is anyother way please do tell me, as I told you before, I’m totally new and know nothing about coding

sorry for creating new topic, I have already mentioned the details and now I am putting fresh query here with link to my project

I have designed an App (by viewing many tutorials :rofl:) but there is one thing I am stuck on
I want to add a search bar in Data Viewer List of data called in from GSheet, I want the search bar to search all the columns for relevant keyword and return with the relevant data, there are these columns in GSheet, Name, Cadre, District, Phone Number 1, Phone Number 2, I want if keyword Name is put in search bar the results shall return with all the same names entered in the search bar, if the district is searched the result shall consist of all the names in that district and so on so forth.

the link to my app is

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