How to create a search engine from text input, based on data from couple columns - google sheets

I have a problem - I am trying to make a search box, based on text input, which should search data from three different columns from google sheets… but it’s not working:/ I don’t know what to do:/ anyone had same/similar problem? How to get this right?

You need to take this one column at a time to start with.

I’m not sure if you meant to loop (count with) from 1 to 3 but the length of a list with three items is 3.

And you’re comparing the text input value to the length of the list. Is that what you want? So I’d have to type in 3 to get a match there. Nothing else will match the length.

So start over and make it work for one column. When you have that, paste a screenshot and someone can help you adapt it for multiple columns.

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It’s still not working:/
Basically - I want to put numbers/words, that will be “search” in three different columns at the same time:
example: if I will write “book” - app should try to find this word in column “description”, “SKU” and “SKU2” and show me result in data viewer list.

You can use the Does Contain list block to check if a list of values contains a particular item. Or you can use the “find first occurrence of” block to find out which row the search term is in. You really don’t need a loop at all.

You can see an example here:

Also see the Analyze List section of the documentation:

How many records are we talking here?

In whole spreadsheet you have 1871 parts with proper SKU number and Quantity XD

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Start with something like this

You can then make it do whatever action you require when the search entry is found.

Muneer - I’ve tried - but this is not at all making a list “smaller” - list is not changing into list with “text_input” suggestions :confused:

It is a google spreadsheet, putted into list viewer… network is not helping at all :confused:
… and it’s kinda important to finish this project pretty soon :confused:

By myself - I’ve tried - at least - about hundred different options (from different websites and from my head) - non of them worked so far:/

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This will never work.

You are initializing stock_list as empty list but when the screen starts you are assigning it a number (number of rows in....) and then you are using it in your function updatetemplist again as a list but it is not containing a list so this function will always fail to perform any search.

Hope this is clear.

Thanks Muneer :smiley:
I am beginner of this… and I kinda stuck:/ How should I change it to have a working search box?

is this what you wanted to do? sheet1, filtered by sheet2 becomes sheet3?

sheet1 is my original
sheet2 is where i put the word i’m searching for, in this case “A”
sheet3 is the result. NOTE the formula in A2 - you only have to put this formula in A2 only
and it will perform the filtering automatically. it will show all rows where the word “A” is found in description OR sku1 OR sku2.

just make your thunkable populate sheet2!$a$2 and get your results in Sheet3


It can work - but - at the same time, I need to enter details from sheet1 and be able to edit that:/

  • is there a possibility to make everything based on sheet1 only?

what do you mean, you always have access to any row in the sheet from thunkable. in order to edit, you should setup your thunkable program to retrieve a row, provide input fields to allow data and entry and update that row in the google sheet.

my suggestion requires that you get your data from sheet3 not sheet1 - i think that’s what you meant. so you cannot easily update sheet1.

to do a search the way you want it, you can use the method suggested by @muneer - after you’ve mapped your DVL to your sheet , iterate over the DVL and if anything satisfies your required condition/s, set visibility of that DVL item to true else set visibiility to false.

see the method i suggested here:

maybe this method will work for you

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I change spreadsheet from google sheet to airtable- is now any chance to filtered data to text from text input?

You have several options with Airtable:

  1. You can use a formula in a cell/column in Airtable and just get data from that filtered column
  2. You can get all of the Airtable data and then do filtering within Thunkable (I don’t recommend this)
  3. You can use the Airtable API to create almost any custom filter formula. It’s powerful but it returns data in JSON format so you have to be comfortable parsing (separating) values from JSON.
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Good:D so - which block and how I should put them to make a search box, which is text input? I need to have an option to search in three different columns: descrption, SKU and SKU2 (barcode) - how to make it happen? I was trying with “lenght…”, “contains”, “get” and “count to” - nothing works:/ I was trying to include those informations into text input, that muneer showed - still no results:/ I really need to figure this out:/ maybe local db will help with filtering data?

I came back to my testing version (google spreadsheet) and I managed that…
The problem is that it still not working, but(!) something is happening with data viewer list, cause after couple seconds after submit text input, data viewer list disappearing and instead of that I have loading icon and… that’s all :confused:

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