Search bar with Data in listviewer (Google Sheet)

I am trying to do a searchbar with date, Did do a seach on google, but all the info I get, the page does not open on thunkable, si I an not sure how to use it…This is only what I have, but I think there is soemthing missing on it, any
sample will be helpful.

My screen witl listviewer is working to shoe data

I have change some data in my blocks, using sample from Muneer, but now I am not suyre why it don’t work.

I using my ID that when I search with 20230506 it does not work

I’m not sure I can help you without seeing the full blocks… you cut off the screenshot on the right side.

One thing I did notice is that attempting to delete a row with an invalid row id (“id”) should cause an error.

I also believe that looping through a list of items and trying to create a new row in each iteration will cause problems. I recommend adding a Wait 0.03 seconds or Wait 0 seconds block to the loop to see if that helps to ensure that each row gets created.

I did do few changes, but still not working, If I add all the names into the sheet “soek” then all is showing twice in the create row box, so at the moment only ID_Datum is in the sheet

How is it not working?

When I enter 20230602 nothing is changeing in the listviewer, it just show data in it, and do not show that info

Then you need to debug your blocks to figure out which part is not working. You can use my method here: Debugging in Thunkable X (Video)

Thank you, id am treing your debug to find problem (but ast this stage debuging is not that good with me)
The two red blocks working, but the two purple blocks, do not get to them

I did do a few changes, but still not working, I am not sure if my goohle sheets is the problem

When I start the screen, it copy some of the data to new sheet, but it does not work on the app to show in viewer

Any help on this problem.

When the screen opens, then in googlesheet “soek” it is veryslow and it only show upto 31 entries in there and not all of my data, and when i enter the text to search it does notthing at all…
Did do few changes to code.


For starters you can remove the list attachment coz you don’t need to add it as the variable vindStringLys is already a list. So remove the 🔵 list attachment from here -


Next, you can try adding a couple of wait 0.001sec blocks between the loops you have, as I’ve noticed multiple times adding a bit of wait gives the code a bit of time to breathe and makes loops work smoother. Also add one before creating row in data source. I’ve experienced loops not working until i add a wait block.

Next try combining the 3 nested conditions you have into a continuous and block, should save some more time as you don’t have any else clauses attached to the if statements.

Let me know above workarounds work or we’ll see for more. :+1:

Did take the the line out, now when it runs it said found 4, but there is only one item of it, and my data Viewer list from (Google Sheet) does not update also, I am not sure how to use 3 nested conditions.

Good morning.

did a few more changes, and I added call dataviewer in to see if it will update it after I have input the text I need, but it does not update, and when I search for data, it gives me 6 or more of the same text, even if there is only just one entry of that data. It does show found 6 in my app also.

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