Search bar for Data viewer list

I am unable to find this below marks blocks from anywhere in my thunkable option.

The Local_DB block is from an older version of Thunkable. Locally stored data is now saved to a Data Source. You can read more in the documentation: Data Sources - Thunkable Docs

The List_Viewer block is available after you add a Simple List (aka List Viewer) to a screen. See the documentation: Simple List Component - Thunkable Docs
This is my project URL, please check, i want to add Search bar in list of transaction screen, everything will same as it is , please can you make it for me, my whole project ready, so i only need search bar into the data viewer list in list of transaction screen. Please help me please…

If you’d like to hire me, please send me a private message and we can discuss the details.


Sorry , Sir, I am not a professional that i would hire you to make my projects done, bcz i dont have any income purpose for this project.
This is only for myself, so that i can use it.

If you can help me , please inform