Filter Bar in List Viewer? THUNKABLE X

Hello there, I would like to make a search bar similar to the list picker in Thunkable Classic. Any help on how to do it?


An example is on the scrPickers screen

Hello there,

I did not understand your example

Please simplify it sir

Check it

Sorry for wrong title :sweat:

I mean something similar to the filter bar in the list picker in Thunkable Classic.

Example on scrListPicker screen

i have recreated the blocks but all it show is a blank listviewer help pls

Produce step-by-step debugging.

sir i am a beginner please help me with this debugging
do step by step sir

Add a Label to the screen and name it lblLog. In the block editor, assign other blocks to the lblLog.setText block and see if the blocks give correct or incorrect values. At the same time ask questions and answer them:

First identify the problem - the data in the list is not displayed.

Question. Why don’t the list appear in the list?
Answer. because they are not added to the list.

Question. Why are entries not added to the list if I added them first?
Answer. Are you sure that your blocks have added data to the list?

Question. How to check it?
Answer. It is necessary to disconnect all unnecessary blocks and see if entries are added to the list after using your blocks.

Question. My data is not displayed! What to do?
Answer. See an example of how to add entries to the list.

Question. I looked at an example and now the data is added to the list, what to do next?
Answer. You need to attach the next block that performs the operation on this list and see if it performs this operation or does not.

Question. I connected the next block, but after that nothing works. What to do?
Answer. Do you understand how the new unit works? If not, look at the documentation, if yes, then there is an error when using it.

And so on

sir can i please send my project to you and please check if there is problem?

You can send me the project.

Here is my project sir:

Unfortunately, when opening a link, only a blank screen is displayed.

I opened your project and what does not work in it?

Dear sir, the problem is that seems that after searching, no values are shown in list viewer.

I have deleted the blocks, so that you may start with the coding.

Thank you sir

I did not understand that you intentionally deleted the blocks. Ok, I’ll watch it.

Check it.

Hello sir

I have checked it but it seems that it still does not show any values at all.

I have also checked that the API keys and URL are correct.