How to use the serch bar to find results on the list viewer

how to use the serch bar to find the results on the list viewer, anyone can help me


Check this sample project

thank you for your help, but i have a question, in your project, i serch the a, then how to only to show the a result. the inconsistent results are not displayed.
For example: in the list i have 3 options, A,B,C.When I serch b, will only show matching results.

You can check out this post

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Hello ,I want to ask what code do I need to change if I want to change the results of the list?

I tried to change this code, but the results didn’t change


Can you post a share link. Changing the contents of that list should change what your search results are. But they only change the contents of the search results if your search query is found within the potential search results

This is my project page, thank you for your teaching, can you take the video to teach me how to do the search bar and the code? And i have one more question, can u in my project (screen 1) to do the search bar to find out the (TWL主頁)this page result??
Thank you !!!

Please don’t start a second post because you have not received a satisfactory answer on your first.

What part of the previously provided suggestions are you having trouble understanding or not able to execute correctly? Can you show us a Block example via screenshot of what you have tried so far that is not working?

i am sorry about that, actually i can’t understand how to make the my project i can’t find many block, for example the defineEntireList. i don’t know the step one is what. So i hope you can take the video to teach me how to make.Thank you


The defineEntireList block is a function. You can learn how to create them by watching the video here:
in your project i understand you how to creat the list for the english word.
for example now i creat the list viewer have 4 items 1,2,3,4
then next step i need to do what?
I am a beginner, thanks
this is my example project link

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