[Solved] Search box for list items in thunkable x

I am new on thunkable
I want build app like this :arrow_down:

I make list but I cant make search box

or is there any way to save a ex excel or Googlesheet file in the app as an offline one, without having to be Internet, with ability to search between cells.
Thank you for helping me :pray:

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Hey !

Create a textinput, and compare the text in the textinput to the “item” of the listviewer :slight_smile:

Nice day :slight_smile:

But with which block in platform x can compare item with textinput?

Are you talking about in the listviewer ? If yes, just compare the “item” block of the “when list viewer cliked” to the textinput.

If not, there is a block called “in list search for first occurence item” or something similar, check it out :slight_smile:

Nice day ! :slight_smile:

Please explain more about how to do it I don’t understand🙏



Thank you very much
You really helped me a lot @AcrobatEpee

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Hi @Farshad, you can also take a look at this example:

hope it helps!

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Thanks it’s perfect :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

Estoy haciendo esto y me devuelve en número de item

Me gusta más el resultado con estos bloques