Thunkable Data Viewer List to Airtable VIEWS Mapping

Hello All,
Have setup a Data Viewer List tied to Airtable as the backend DB. Had wanted the Data Viewer List to show different Airtable VIEWs of the same Airtable Table. But unfortunately it looks like thats not working even though there is a section within Thunkable Airtable Settings named “View Name” to choose the corresponging Grid View in Airtable.

It appears Thunkable Data Viewer List defaults to the FIRST Airtable VIEW irrespective of what one chooses within Thunkable Airtable Settings under the “View Name”. The same is also true for a blank “View Name” under the Thunkable Airtable Settings.

Could someone please have a look and feedback to the community? Thanks.

Hi @lynwayne1cfytn welcome to the community :wave:

Can I ask what method you were using to try to swap views please?