Views in tables in Airtable where i feed Data Viewer List

Hello, I would like a help please,
I have an Airtable base with several tables.
One of them has 15 items.
i have put in some of them an id 1, in some other id 2 and in some other with id 3.
I made a diferent views according to filter of “id” field.
For example when the filter in “id” is equal to 1 apear all item from the specific table to had in their record the “id” 1.
This view I called it “Applications view”.
Now , in my Tab “Design” in my Data Viewer List i select the base , the right table of the certain base and put specific Data Bindings i want.

In the “Block” design I show you my try as i would expect that it will be worked. it dosnt work!!!
i would like tell to me please, where and how i must put the name of my view, to worked correctly.

Thanks you.

Hey @Application

This is exactly the sort of approach that I’d recommend for sorting and filtering data in Airtable.

Did you ever manage to get it working?

To help troubleshooting, can you start by creating a demo Airtable with two views and confirming that you can swap back and forth between the two?


Sorry I delayed my communication for this item I had to deal with something more urgent at the same time.
I will make soon a demo to show you.