Get selected data to dataview from airtable?

I have a dataview and I have connected this to a air table data source and can retrieve data.

However I would like to get selected data from the airtable database to the dataview from blocks , but I cant find a solution for this?


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Are you wanting to display only certain Airtable rows in a Data Viewer List (or Grid)?

If so, I recommend that you use the Airtable API and the filterByFormula command. To get started, Google filterbyformula airtable Thunkable and you’ll find several topics related to that.

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I have now Googled filterbyformula and tried to find a way to update my Data Viewer List, but I can’t figure out how to update the Data Viewer list even if I do a filterbyformula?

Below you see my block and for DataViewerList I only find “Refreshdata”? Any ideas?

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If the rows in your Airtable are only few I would use the hide/show rows of the DataView to achieve what you want.

See my sample project

@muneer has a good suggestion but I also forgot to mention that you’d need to delete all rows from the local data source synced to the Data Viewer and then create a row in the local data source for each row of the Airtable database.

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