Debugging error with airtable blocks

I’m trying to create a new record in an Airtable table using datasource block “create row in…”.
Something is going wrong, but I can’t figure out what.
How can i debug to find the problem?
I’m using Live Test to test the app.

Hi @Giuseppe_Geppo_Catta! If you feel comfortable, could you please share your code?

Unfortunately I’m away from pc right now.
This is what I can share with phone.

clicking button I get some records, then with create row, I would like to copy those rows in another table but It doesn’t do it.

If you want to retrieve data from Airtable, there’s no need for the Web API component. You can just use the Airtable component and the “Get Cell,” “Get Row,” or “Get Column” blocks.

If you want to create new records in Airtable, instead of using a data source, I would use the Airtable component and the “Create Row” block. And there’s no need for the “count i from 1” block you have.

Could you please tell me a little bit more about the purpose of your app so I can better understand what you need Airtable for?


the “WebAPI”-blocks and the Airtable blocks work asynchronly. You can see it because they have the “then do” expression inside. That means, you start a WebAPI-call and at the same time the next green block “from WebAPI URL…” is executed, maybe before the purple Web-API block is ready.

That said, try to shift all following blocks into the “then do” notch, and don’t forget the “then do” section from airtable. I tried to show this with a little painting tricks, this is not really done with thunkableX but with a graphics editor:

I use WebAPI 'cause Airtable components doesn’t allow to filter result. I need to retrieve and show only some data from my Airtable table, so I need to make a query based on content of some cells on it and Airtable component doesn’t allow this.

When I create I use count 'cause I bring data from another table so I use index to select which row from the other table to paste in the new table.

I give you an example of my app.
I have 100 guys.
Every guy have an events calendar.
So i Have a table with the list of guys, and a table with all the event (not a table for every guy 'cause there will be too much tables)

From the app you can select the guy, and then you should see a list of events for that guy.
My problem is that I would like to use dataviewer list and it needs a datasource that is not programmable. You MUST set it up when programming.
So I linked my dataviewer list to an empty partial table with the same structure of the events table.
Every time you select a guy, the app takes, events for that guy from the global table, and paste it to the partial table and show it with a dataviewer list.
If you select another guy, the app must empty the table first and then do the same thing as before.
So mainly my problem is that dataviewer list and grid don’t allow query on tables when retrieving data.

I’ve tried your solution but nothing change.
And mainly, it is a possible solution but not a way to debug.
I have the same problem as before.
The app doesn’t do what I need But there are no debug messages to know why

It is actually possible to filter data from Airtable. The easiest way is to upload your data and display it as a list using the list viewer component. From there, you can use “if then” statements to filter it.

It Is not a way, being an event calendar table,I could have a big table after some time, and it’s really unusefull to get the whole table and filter it in app instead of getting only data I need using a query

You would be better off creating a custom list viewer I would think. Have you tried that route?

It seems like you’re trying to pull filtered data into the localDB to display the data in the dataviewer. Is that accurate?

Yes, This is what i aim to do.
Because i really don’t know where to start to create a custom list viewer.
At the moment i can get filtered data from an Airtable table correctly but I can not write them back to another Airtable table or to a local datasource table.
If i could get this step, then diplay them in a dataviewer it will be easy.