Help with displaying airtable data that contains the words filtered with the search engine

hello! I need the help of the community. I have a data table in airtable but I need to implement filtering and show only the records that contain in one of their fields what is typed in a search engine. I have been reading posts but I can’t understand how I should do it. If anyone can help me with this, I will be very grateful. I am using the new version of Thunkable thank you

Hello @jccarbonerog and welcome to the community :tada:
To build this you will need to connect a Data Viewer List with a local table. Each time that you will open the screen, the old data will be deleted from the local table and the new data will be saved to the local table if the condition is true. You can see the example below.

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A) Unfortunately filtering data via blocks has been a long forgotten oversight. 2) you should use the api blocks and call your base directly. Then you can apply filters.


Hi @ioannis

You have the link for your project? if we can view how it look like.

Thanks for your response but I can’t get it to work.
Would you have an example that shows the total number of variables and functions?
Could you give me an example if I give you all the data and variables that I use and need?

Thanks for your time

Can you give me a little more information or tell me where I can learn it?

I previously posted about this topic here :point_up_2:

Imo, the biggest issue you may run into is the api rate limits of airtable. Perhaps not. All depends on how you plan to interact with your db from any give instance of the app and how many avg concurrent users you plan on having during peak times.

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But Airtable no longer works with Api, right? How should I do it?

No. Thunkable isn’t working magic behind the scenes here.

They’ve just made changes related to accessing the api which is my guess why Thunkables airtable blocks are caching data calls to the airtable backend

If you use the api calls, there’s be no caching and you can actually filter results before the data is returned to the client.