[Solved] Filter from airtable issues

Hi i am having a real issue filtering data in airtable I have followed several different posts but nothing. can anyone see what I am missing

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Hey @Tina_Fountain, I think This may help you out.

Basically you need to get first, “all rows”

Throw the green value block from “all rows” into a loop

Then in the loop(Using whatever variable you choose to store the info)

In list (VariableName) insert last as (get property ‘task’ of object j)

Tried that. but no joy. here are two attempts. I have also followed several other posts with no joy. The base ID is correct as are the column names. if I take out the filter the data loads. so I am confident that it’s related to the filter. I have tested with a value in place of the variable. I have tried calling the columns individually and calling a row by counting the iteration not sure what I am missing.



Do you initialize or set “app task” as an empty list anywhere on that screen before you use it?

Hi again, thanks for the response. I do initialise it as an empty list.

You’re supposed to use the = symbol with a slash in it I’m pretty sure

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Put the block to set the list viewer outside of the loop, for starters.

My blocks are right to get info from a table on airtable.

Then try to change the logic, if property … of object j doesn’t equal … continue to next iteration. No else. Below that bock, your query blocks
Like this

Tried and still no joy! also tried listviwer under the get all rows block.


Can you post a screenshot of your airtable with headers?

I would also make sure there is something in the app year variable. You could just put it onto a lane as the first thing that happens when you open the creek as a way to debug.

The process is right. If it’s not getting data there’s a bump in the blocks. First make sure the baseID and API key are correct. Then try and send data. Then try to get data from just 1 row. Then try all rows again.

You could try putting text into the filter instead of the variable.

Thanks for sticking with it.
If i take out the filter I can populate the app no problem.

can you verify that there are no spaces that should be somewhere, like after a word

Yes. Tried that also. Spent hours trying to trouble shot yesterday. Like I say it works minus the filter so I know the base ID and API key and table name are all OK its very odd. I have done this before with no problem. also tried this way


It should not matter, but I have tried this too and no joy!

@domhnallohanlon any ideas?

Still not been able to solve this if anyone else has ideas or samples I can look at

can you share a post of the blocks you are trying currently? or a share link to your app?

i would try renaming columns


is link to what i have now.

its purely test data here as i changed to a new table and recreated to see if i could see what i was missing

Hi @Tina_Fountain,

I checked your code and the data in OneDrive (excel). I think there might be a problem, when a row does not contain correct data:

  • First: the column (in Excel) is called “Group”, but in thunkX the block uses “GroupNumber”
  • Second: you have three rows in “Homework”, but only two in column “GroupNumber”. When you ask the data for the third row with “get property GroupNumber of object”, it does not contain an element called “GroupNumber”. In this case, the loop will stop, and it might happen, that the result in “app task” does not contain anything. So please add a condition: “does list ‘get object properties of’ j contain GroupNumber” then “get property GroupNumber of object j” etc.
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@Michael_Rogulla, nice find!

The data need to be right!

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Thanks. I had change the column names between this post and when you have looked to try and see what I am missing so the code is now simple Group as in the sheet I also added more data as suggested and added a condition nothing has worked!

I feel like i am flogging a dead horse with this one.