Why don't ask "Grid name" in Airtable when using dataviewer

when use Airtable, has needed API key, Base ID, Table name, and Grid name.
And recently Dataviewer and Datasource came out. (which i love so much)
But somehow in Dataviewer it only ask me about which table i use. not “view”.

Actually i need Filtered+real time Clone Spreadsheet. like this

So i asked to Airtable community about this : How can i make (real-time) clone/duplicated table? - Ask the community - Airtable Community Forum
But the answer is basically no.
So i think if thunkable ask view, then problem solved. (but it might be not a simple issue… i guess)

Or if just google spreadsheet is available then all my problem solved.
But i just can’t use google sheet as neither dataviewer or datasource.
(here is my previous ask 🎉 Latest Thunkable ✕ Release; NEW COMPONENTS Data Viewer List and Data Viewer Grid! 2020-05-05 - #22 )

What is the best option i can expect?

You could have your app save them to two different spots in your table if you really need, i suppose.

One alternative currently is still making your own DIY list viewer

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Once Thunkable updates a few blocks for the local tables you should be able to generate your own views during runtime. But as Jared suggests, right now it’s best to generate a list and use list viewer. I bet this will be solved soon.