How do I use the index rownumber in Airtable?

I’ve succesfully connected the airtable with thunkable X. My application makes this:

read input string
query the spreadsheet with this string or substring or null string (field name)
show the results in a listviewer
Until this moment, everything works fine.
The user select one of the resulting elements of the listviewer
the listviewer returns the index of the element selected by the user, but what I want is to access again my spreadshet to get the row corresponding to the selected name. But, what is the index of the element in the spreadsheet? I don’t know if there is a property that returns the _id of a row of a spreadsheet (this would solve all my problems)
What I did is that I store the index of the elements that are part of the resulting list in another list (e.g. 2, 4, 8 are the elements of the spreadsheet that are showed in the listviewer). This worked initially if the input string was null (I mean, I show all the spreadsheet elements in the listviewer). I stop working when I decided to sort the spreadsheet (it seems that airtable maintains internarlly the initial _id of each row independently of the order it has in the view you see)
So, now I select one element and show me other, usually the following now (yes, I’ve tried to +1 my rownumber variable, but it does not work). In general the behaviour is unpredictable, as internally airtable has _id of the row as they are created, so if you remove a row and add another one, the new one does not have the +1 id, but the +2 id).
Does it makes sense to you? Please help me, I’m mentoring some girls and they need to finish this app to present it for a competition.

Hi Lidia,

I replied to your PM last night, but for the benefit of other who might be having issues with this I just wanted to share this.

In this tutorial we create a variable to store the index of an item when it’s clicked in the ListViewer. I think you can then use this variable to query the corresponding row in your Airtable

Additionally, this thread might be relevant too?

I’ve thought I have fixed this error, because it worked well last times. but now I see that this problem appears again, and now it is worse. The resulting list I obtained from the airtable has an extra row in blank at the beggining, and the index of listviewer returns +1 position (so counting the extra row is return +2 positions). And it is strange because this happens as a collateral effect of adding in other Screen a code that contains 5 images that are displayed depending of a ranking value (e.g. if the ranking result is 3.5, I display 3 full stars, half full star and one empty star). If I remove the code of the stars then the other code in other screen starts working well after a couple of executions.
Could you help me with this. The girls of my team have to finish this work next weekend.
I can send you the link of my project privately.
Thank you very much.