Get List Index from Airtable (Row Number)

I’ve used “Index in List” Thunkable Android to get the Row number from a spreadsheet.

How do you get the List INDEX from a spreadsheet in Thunkable X ??

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You want to get it once it is in a list viewer ? Because it is not possible from spreadsheets directly but :

Let’s say you want the row number of the row where the item A is

You can set a listviewer or a variable to your spreadsheet list
In this list search for item A
Get it’s index

And there you have the index :slight_smile:

Hope it helps !

Thanks for the reply…
But i still dont understand how to get the index even with a list viewer? because there’s no option to get the index from a list…
please elaborate more?

what i want to do is to create a Login Page with username and password.

I want to check the spreadsheet for the value entered in the Username Text box and check if the Password stored in that same ROW is equal and if so, grant access.

thank you

Hey !

First you’ll need to execute in a row to call all the cells

Then check for a corresponding username

Then save it’s row number to a variable

Then call the password from the same row and check if it is the same.

It should give you something around this (I haven’t made a loop here but I’m leaving you a link at the end) :

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