Airtable and Thunkable - accessing a specific row

Hello, I am really struggling with Airtable and Thunkable…
I am building a prototype for an app that has an Airtable connected to it.
Users will be able to log in and access their (and only their) information from Airtable. The table has columns such as first name, last name, e-mail etc.Users should be able to change some of the entries, like e-mail and password. Some of the cells are supposed to be hidden from the user as they only contain data irrelevant to them.

What I want the app to do is:

  1. Find user in “users” column(I have that working).
  2. retrieve the row index for the particular user
  3. use row index to get the complete data for one user and put that into a list
  4. write new data to the list
  5. update the row in Airtable with the new values from the list
    Now I don’t ask you to do that for me but I thought giving the whole functionality of the prototype might help understanding the context. But yeah step 2 is where I am stuck.
    Airtable doesn’t give me a straightforward row number, I only receive either some alphanumerical soup or [object Object] which I somehow can’t use for anything.
    I got all this working with a LocalDB but Airtable works differently, unfortunately usage of Airtable is non-negotiable. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks a lot.
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The row ID in Airtable is a unique alphanumeric string. If you got that then it means you are in the right direction.

I cannot comment more because you have not shared your code and would be very difficult to say if your codes are correct or not.