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How to call whole row in airtable base on specific id? for example email address.

Use filterByFormula with the Airtable API. You can Google it or search here on the forums for it.

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is there any simple way rather than API? because my app is very easy.

  1. user will login using firebase authentication. after successfully login will route to profile page
  2. in profile page it call row from airtable that match unique id as my case using email address.

Sure. The API is just the most flexible, powerful, and fast way to get Airtable data. But if you want to keep things simple, you can use the Get Row Object block shown at Data Sources - Thunkable Docs. Then use Get Property of Object blocks to get specific column data.

But I wouldn’t do it that way. I would get a column and search it for the ID value you want. Can you say a little more about what you’re wanting to do? The approach I’d take depends on whether or not you have duplicate ID values in a column and if you just want the first/only occurrence or every occurrence of that ID value.

Hello @ozel1978

In order to connect Airtable data with a user, you will need to store the Row id that you get when you create a new row on Airtable.



Let us know if you have any other questions going forward!

this is all in one page?

this depends on your app, on my app I have sign in and sign up on the same page and in another page the third screenshot

this is my login page and for unique id, i create as variable so when it move to next page that variable will search in airtable for certain column and display whole row that belong to variable.


if my design fit with your block?

@ozel1978 I understand your concern.
In order to update the rows on AirTable, you need to save the row id into one field when you create these rows.
Then you can update them using this block


thank you for your help. i will try to implement this block to my page.

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