How to Find rowNum?

How to find rowNum form airtable with Email Data

Can you explain more.

The rowNum is the rowID of the data viewer list / grid. Also the ID column in list of values component

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Okay. I have a need for a system. Log in and remember My user with FireBase . I have created the registration page and once registered, the information will be sent to the airtable.

When the registration is complete, it will come to the login page.
I want to send the user ID information to Airtable in the same row registered earlier. What tools do I need to know the rownum to pass data to the same row of data?

You understand what I’m going to explain or not ?

In the ButtonSignup [click] event you have a [CreateRow] which returns (gives back) rowID. In the [then do] you are checking for error, add [else] and save the green [row] to a variable so you can use it later in your code.

Why do you have TWO click events to the same ButtonSignup?

Happy Thunking :grin:

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I tried testing it and it didn’t work.
The [Row] received is not an integer and therefore cannot be used. The value of [rowNum] must be an integer only.

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Can we do some debugging work just to be certain what we have.

Creat two labels in the form and in the ButtonSignup block assign the variable to the label just after you get the ]row] so the [else] will have two blocks, the one available now and also the label.text= app variable Current Row Num.

This way the label in the screen will show what is held by the variable.

Also do the same for ButtonLogin but this time it will be the first block inside the If statement and before [UpdateRowNum]
Label.text=app variable Current Row Num

Make sure you are referring to the same thing.

Let me know the outcome.

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This is the output. [Label.text] = [App Current Row Num].
It’s not a number. This indicates that the value obtained from [Row] is not [Rownum].

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Great. You are getting the row ID as an email bject. Use this block to convert it to text


Label.text= generate JSON from object [variable goes here]

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My results Is the number 0, which is an integer
But the value is always displayed as 0.


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Is this after the CreateRow block was executed or before?

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8 I’ve tried checking the [create row] block.
I have seen my mistakes and I will update this blog.
I will show you the results tomorrow.
Good night

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Is it doing that because you’re using ‘create object with fields’?

I actually often have a column in airtable to save rowids because I will sometimes need them later. But I also use a variable to store it. This is how I have mine set up. When I test this the row number is saved in airtable as a number.

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Why would you do that. This is just duplication of effort. There is an invisible field (column) that stores rowID already. Just use the component [list of values] and use the column as ID.

It’s a long story. My app is very convoluted and I’m a novice! :smile:

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However, they can ignore the part about me storing it in the column. That wasn’t really the point of my response. Simply explaining why I have it set up the way I do in the screenshot.

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The new UI from Thunkable Airtable is made part of the Data Source block in the code screen and therefore we should get used to use these blocks instead of the specific Airtable blocks.

Anyway, don’t bother yourself with my comments as long as your App works.

Happy Thunking


This is the output [Label.text] = generate JSON from object [Row].
It was all of that row’s data, but not the [Rownum] we wanted.

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It is “_id”

You can obtain it by using the component “get property from object” in the object drawer

Thanks for help @muneer @LuEllaBella
I found a way to store data with Component [datasource] in a very easy way.
11 10
Before, I came up with a very complicated method, it was confusing and impossible to do. In fact, it is not as difficult as you think.
Perhaps complicated thinking is a tricky way, there is always a way to make it easier.

Thank you all. Good luck

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I’m very happy you solved it. The Data Source drawer is the new way for Thunkable coding and if you open a new project you will no longer see the blocks specific for Airtable and you will have to use the Data Source blocks for all data needs. :clap: