How to use the row id response after creating an airtable row

I have a problem using the row id response that the airtable create row block generates. So here is my use case. I want new users upon clicking the
“create account” button in my app to have a new row created for them in my airtable base. The row id for this new row will then become the user’s ID in my app. Such that when the user wants to update/upload data such as (change handle name, upload profile picture etc) it will be added to the row created for him/her specifically as I will ask him/her to provide the “user ID” which is actually just his/her airtable row ID

The issue I am having is, I cannot seem to be able to get how to display the row ID the user, I am trying to use an alert component but it’s failing. When I run the code, the app creates the row in Airtable, but my alert doesn’t display and the rest of the code just continues perfectly [I have tried using the get object from JSON block also, same outcome]. I need help. Below is a screenshot of my code.

Welcome to the community @imodoye94 :+1:

Labels are your friend when it comes to debugging.

To the best of my recollection the row ID is like a component ID, so your label should display something like 1539cd6d-fc58-4def-a53f-b4deb9c3e811

Hope that helps