Created new row does not seem in the data sources section

Hi all,

I create a function to retrieve data from the X table and then create a new row to the Y table by retrieving data from X. Actually, I see those data on the screen, which shows the data retrieved from the Y table. But I couldn’t see retrieved data from the X table on the Y table. :frowning:

Is there anyone who has an idea?
Thank you.

It sounds to me that you have the GET working. After the GET you need to save.

Maybe post the blocks so we can see

Hi, @towball thank you for your answer. Actually my block is image|552x500

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What kind of data source are you using?

This will only work if your data source is Google sheet.

Thank you @muneer,
Actually, I chose my own table while creating the table, and I plan that store those data on the user phone :frowning:
Do you have any suggestion to retrieve data randomly as unique?

When using Airtable or Local Data Source the rowID is an arbitrary alphanumeric code generated by the database itself. When using Google sheet as your data source then the row number in the sheet is the rowID.

If you are using Local Data Source then you need to use [List of values] component to read the rowID of your existing data and from their you can start your routine.

Instead of column one choose “ID” from the list.

Thank you so much @muneer, I retrieved a random ID and then used it to show values related to this ID.
I want to update a column related to this ID with the entered value from the text. When I did, I couldn’t see any differences on the table.

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From experience, the web Live Test has delay issues. Check it from your mobile or iPad/tab device to get the correct results.

There is something that happened weird. When I look at my mobile, I saw old data, and the table has old data, too. But when I look from the web live test on the screen, I see updated data :slight_smile: I suppose that there is a bug on that.
Thunkable backend functionality is strong, but UI is not as strong as it.

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I have a similar issue. I can’t initiate to create a new row in airtable with the new design front end and the related data source block. Does someone you have an idea?