Doubt related to Data Sources

Hi guys. I made my first test application today on this amazing website! I created 3 screens where first screen logs in the user, the second screen takes a user’s info and third screen logs the user out. The front end seems to be working as I intended but I’m facing some issues in the data sources part. After the user enters their personal data and clicks “Submit”, I want their data to be added in the “UserData” table automatically but it is not happening. I don’t know if it is because I’m doing something wrong or skipping something crucial here. I will attach the screenshot of the blocks I created, please let me know what I’m doing wrong guys.

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What do you mean by this?

Have you checked the data and found it not available?
How did you check?

While testing, I advise you to remove the Navigate block and just test the create row block.

Yes, I have checked and the entered data is not available. I directly opened the Data Sources tab, opened the respective table and do not see any data there.
I already tested it both with and without navigate block, I have tried with just the “Create Row” block, with both “Create Row” and “Navigate” blocks and the result is the same as above where the Data Sources table is not getting populated with the entered data.

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Can you clarify the type of Data Source you are using?
Is it Google sheet?
Is it Airtable?
Is it Local Table (create your own data)?

Please note that if you are using a Local Table you can only see the changes in the app and not in the designer screen.

I am using Local Table (created it myself). How do I look at the data in the local table through the app? I have the “Thunkable Live” installed on my phone and I see a preview of the application designed and nowhere did I find an option to look at the data in my local table.
How do I check if the data I entered in the text boxes is populated in my local table or not?

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Use a Data List Viewer to see the current data in your table.

Add the Data List Viewer to any screen and connect it to your table and it will automatically show the content of the table (The selected columns).

Thank you so much, sir. I can see the entered data now. Your help was invaluable.


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