Data source table is not being updated

I have a very simple question. I have created a local table as my data source and I have designed a button with an order that when it is clicked, it should create a row and put certain values in each column, but while testing the application, and when I press the button it doesn’t add any thing in the local table or change any values. if I am adding a grid or list viewer, when I press the button, it will create the raw and add the values normally, but it is never reflected in the data source, I mean the table itself in the data source.

can anyone help me with that and tell me why is that happening and how to fix it so when I press the button a new raw with the assigned values is created in the table in the data source, thank you in advance

The data source in the Design tab is a static view of the original data your app starts with. Making changes to the blocks and previewing your project will never change what you see in the Design tab.

To confirm that the data source/table updated, use a Get Value block and assign the result to a label.

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