Data Source with Table not working properly

I had some issues with data source table. First i have a settings page where users can choose some values with different sliders. Onchange i write the new values to the table. That works fine!

But if i use the same table to store dynamic some more values to the table, then i can’t read those values correct. They seem to be not changed and therefore if i read later those values they are NOT correct. I tried many hours… then i wrote the same values to app variables instead of the table and everything works just fine!

In my opinion the data source table does not work as it should. I would like to store values in this table and access them later from another page or anywhere. That seems not to work unless i use app variables.


there is a problem with repeated access to the database, the extracted data is outdated. There are no such problems when writing to the database. The data is updated only after the application is restarted. We are waiting for this problem to be fixed


Can you show your code blocks?

Which data source table specifically are you referring to?


How are you displaying your data?

In a label… a list viewer… a data viewer list?


i started with using only data source table. It did not work properly. everywhere it did not work i replaced it and used app variables instead. this version here works now.

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i change the value displayed in the button. it’s a chesstimer.

I think too it does not work as it should.

The problem explained by @hartmailggg03m02 relates to external tables only and not to local tables so this is not the source of your issue.

In your code, you are showing the change event of 2 sliders and the opens event of 2 screens. In the play screen you are making reference to app variables timer, time1 and time2 but your code does not show how you initialized these variables and what values they initially hold. Without these variables your test conditions could be evaluating false and therefore nothing happens.

Please show the codes related to the 3 variables and why you decided to use the variable blocks by reference instead the standard variable blocks.

yes, I don’t deny that the problem is inherent, for example, for airtable

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the vars are all initialized with 0. tha app works like that. before i wanted to read/write dynamic to the table. but it did not work at all. try it yourself… there are some issues with “update value in” block… but it seems to work for the slider… therefore i did not change those blocks.

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Should you want me to check your codes, send me the project link.

As for my side, I use it daily and I know it works.