Thunkable does not update the data source table

Hello everyone,
I am a teacher and come from other platforms (appinventor, kodular) and am approaching Thunkable. I am mainly interested in the Storage part. There is one thing I don’t understand: when I create a data source, (e.g. an internal table linked to a DataView), and add data (with the preview), this is not displayed in the data source table (see image). I use both the drag & drop interface and Snap to place.
If I exit and re-enter the app via the browser, the data is stored but not in the data source table (which I need very much for testing the app).

This is unsettling to me, or maybe it is me implying the database linked to the table view. Perhaps the data is stored internally in a hidden manner? And when I export the app, where will they be stored in the client’s device?
How does it all work (there is little explanation in the guide)?

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