What are app & stored data sources?

Hi all, I noticed a new option during creating a new local table source for my DVL (snap-to-place project) -


I’ve never noticed this before, but the Thunkable docs seem to be updated with this (Data Sources - Thunkable Docs - Step #7) :

But I still don’t understand what they actually do - if my data source is “App” one, will it reset to blank table if app is closed? and persist/store data until deleted from app if it is “Stored”? If someone has any idea please explain to me… Thanks!

BTW, anyone experiencing outage in dvl layout creation? I’m unable to add a row/column as a list data viewer layout - it just shows the loading icon for 1-2sec and then does nothing. Is the platform under maintenance / updation currently?

:eyes: first glance would make me think they’re speeding up the interaction time with local tables. Related to your other post about how they are slow, perhaps this is a v1 to scoot around that limitation?

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@matt_conroy Can you please shed some light & give us curious souls a rough idea on what this actually is? :bulb:

@kartik14 Sure! The tl;dr on this is that when adding local Data Source, a user can now add it as an app data source (resets when user closes/re-opens the app) or stored data source (persistent, does not reset when the user closes/re-opens the app).

Should be an update to our docs coming on this soon!

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