Local data source - Webapp question

Hi guys,

Quite new to thunkable and building an webapp - My question is, how does a webapp handle local data sources? Where is it stored? I think I understand this for a device app, but not a web app.

My app does not have a login. An easy example would be a user navigating to the app. Then adding food to a shopping list which is linked to a local data dable through thunkable.

In a webapp, where is that stored? will it work for each user?

Thanks alot!

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A Local Data Source is stored in your app whether it is a mobile app or a web app. Local Data Sources are accessed by your app as a shared resource to all users unless you implement a sort of filtering to view specific rows to specific users.

Right, thanks.

So if I for instance have a local data source called “Profile” where users create a profile Name / Age (example). They press save, and insert new rows into the Profile data source.

Is that data that was inserted, local and viewable to them? or will someone going to the web app on a different device / location see the profile they have inserted?

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That is a tricky question but for a web app users will share the Profile local source but for a mobile app each user will have a separate data source of his/her own.

You’re building a webapp intended to be used on desktops/laptops or on mobiles?

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