Creating row with blocks in data source doesnt update the table when viewed but data is there when retrieved

I created a new row in this table with the data source “create row in” block. But it doesnt show when i view it in thunkable.

See the table above have 5 rows but the grid viewer below that is bind to the data source shows 6 rows.

Meaning the row is successfully added but is not shown on the table viewer. Is this intended or is there some way i can refresh the table? I already tried hard refreshing my browser.

Thanks in advance.

Try using the refresh block for the list.

This is a data table inside the application. Only manually created rows are visible. All other lines are written to it but the only way to see them is by calling the information through blocks. If they want to see the records in a table, use airtable or google sheet


I see, thanks for the response