Data Viewer List only displayed completely after refresh

Have you ever experienced this issue:

I use a Data Viewer List whose source data is a local table. As soon as the local table is filled, I display the DVL on the screen. It happens quite often (not always), that not all records are displayed in the DVL. When I perform a “refresh data” on the DVL at this point, all records (incl. the formerly missing ones) are displayed correctly.

Additional information:
While building the local tables, I count the records that are written into the tables. The number of records is correct before I start the display in the DVL.

This only happens on smartphones (thunkable live as well as downloaded and released apps). When I run the app in web (via live test or published WebApp), the error does not occur.

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It is difficult to make suggestions without seeing the blocks you are using.

I have encountered erratic results as you describe (rare on web, more frequent on devices) when using asynchronous blocks.

Check out this thread where I describe the problem and a solution Wrapping Asynchronous (then do) blocks into a Synchronous Function resolves unpredictable results


Thank you @drted, you are undoubtedly right. And your guess about “asynchronous” is probably correct as well.

I already tried to reproduce the problem in a simple sandbox to be able to show it here, but I don’t get to reproduce the error. The real app is quite complex and hardly suitable to post any of it here.

I’m helping myself meanwhile “wait for predecessor”-loops to re-serialize the asynchronous steps a bit. Works quite well so far. Thanks for your feedback and opinion!

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any idea how to refresh data in data source? i am using airtable as a data.