Data Viewer List glitches when visibility is changed

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When the screen opens, the data viewer automatically starts loading itself & I also have another normal text list-viewer to load its content. I’ve created a custom top-tab navigator (it just has buttons instead) The buttons’ job is to switch back and forth (hide & show) on both lists.

When the screen opens, the data viewer is shown first, and when I switch to my text-list tab & come back to the data viewer tab, the data viewer sort of whites out(?) It just glitches and creates huge gaps between 2 records…

Summing up, the data viewer list is glitching when its visibility is toggled. (@jane another visible-invisible bug over here)

Any suggestions? Thanks! :grinning:

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I’m seeing lots of problems with the Data Viewer List component. So far:

  1. Component styles in custom layouts aren’t previewing

  2. DVL data does not show up in Thunkable Live when first previewed. A “Refresh Data” block fixes this each time I preview.

  3. The “Refresh Data” block crashes frequently.

  4. Assigning a list of values from a local DB to a DVL subcomponent causes an internal error

  5. A couple reports of Airtable data not syncing to a DVL

  6. DVL data isn’t syncing properly with a local DB. When I add data to a DB and then re-open my project in Thunkable Live or as a downloadable iOS app, it sometimes doesn’t have the data that was recently added. The same exact code will save and display the data or NOT save and display the data. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious cause or pattern to this.

Not meaning to hijack your thread but I think there’s enough evidence that DVLs aren’t working properly that I hope when @jane and @domhnallohanlon see this, they can also review the links above.


Hi, @tatiang!

Yes, even I have experienced a few of the issues you listed.

  • I need to refresh DVL every time, so it would show me my complete data
    • In my case, I have a airtable datasource of 3800+ entries connected to my DVL. When screen initializes, I can see only exactly 10 entries () - and then I have to refresh it to see rest entries.
  • The refresh block also frequently crashes for me

I look forward to the fixes :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit : Here’s a screen recording of my main issue - (the data-source connected has 3880+ records)

Thunkable Live v27101, on Galaxy A50 [Android 10]

Note : The ‘Directory’ & ‘Networking’ are my custom-made top tabs, because I wanted an image above them.

  • As you can see, the first time, I can only see exactly 10 entries.
  • But when I click the ‘directory’ tab (which just hides the DVL & shows a column) and then click the ‘networking’ tab again, you can see the entries have increased.
  • But, when I go to the directory tab & come back to the networking tab, the entries have stopped at a certain record. It won’t go further from that.
  • It should’ve shown all 3800+ entries at once on start.

Summing up, hiding and showing the DVL causes a change in displayed entries.

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Update : The normal text list-viewer is also showing these bugs. When I hide the directory column & show it again, the list viewer either stops at a certain no. of items/displays a large gap between 2 items.

Please take a look at this @jane @domhnallohanlon - I really need to roll out my app by this week & without these features, my most important feature will become useless :slightly_frowning_face:


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Adding a link to a Github issue that explains #6 that I mentioned above:

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