Data viewer list issue

to create my layout, the data viewer list seemed perfect, alas promise not kept, known bug mentioned so often and the workarounds did not work for me
I hope to be able to implement the clones goodbye the simplicity of the data viewer list :roll_eyes:

Hi @bibbi

Can you describe a bit more the issue you’re talking about. The message was too vague for me to be able to offer helpful info.

Perhaps you can describe

  • what you’re trying to accomplish
  • what you’ve tried
  • what’s not working as expected
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i just tried to populate a DVL this way:

There’s a lot that could go wrong in those blocks. So the next step might be to really simplify things and make sure that your row creation works with simple, static values such as text strings. Once that’s working, start adding in object properties and lists one by one to make sure each one works. That’s the hard work of troubleshooting code.

One thing I noticed is that you are trying to create rows in a loop. Loops move very fast so you might try adding a Wait 0 seconds block after the create row block (inside the loop) and see if that helps.

Also, you haven’t explained what is/is not working. “[It] did not work for me” is not really a description we can help you with.


I took into account your observations, the indications provided in posts and with a little luck I suppose it works while using the data changed block event
what was wrong?
is that my list has about thirty items and I only saw 10 (this is what I consider a bug)

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There is a known bug in the Data Viewer. See this post. Is it what you see?



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it works but I’m not satisfied updating an element of a DVL takes time since the refresh block takes over all the cards of the DVL and I have the impression that if I use cloning it would be faster because it points to a card am I wrong?

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For me cloning was always faster than the DVL but it will depend in your use case.

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