Data viewer list causes app to slow down

Has anyone noticed that when you have lets say 100 rows in your data viewer list the screen slows down tremendously?

when my screen starts, a web api’s json response populates a local database in my app.

my data viewer list is connected to that local database, and when there are 10 rows the screen works fine, but when i add 20 rows or more there is a noticable slowness in screen components such as if i want to press a button it takes a second instead of instantly.

and when there is 100+, then a button takes 5+ seconds to execute (p.s. the button is outside of the data viewer list).

has anyone found a solution to this? and am i the only one who has this issue?


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Without knowing more, I’m going to assume the API has nothing to do with this and the button’s functionality has nothing to do with this.

So you’re saying that a DVL with 20 or more rows causes buttons on the same screen to respond slowly regardless of the code used for those buttons? How many columns does your data source have? And how many columns are you displaying at once in each DVL row?

Can you provide a link to a project that demonstrates this behavior?

You might be interested in this recent topic:


I just tested a DVL connected to local table with 9 columns and 50 rows and there was no delay.

The delay in my code was caused by deleting all rows in the local table and repopulating it again but that took around 5 - 7 seconds only.

My project is big so i’ll try to make a simplified project which focuses on the issue and i’ll send the link soon. thank you for taking the time to look into this

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